The company has double sewing machine, sewing machine, sewing machine and other industrial sewing machine, such as more than 1,200 Taiwan; high-frequency cars, knotting machine, heat sealing adhesives and other special production equipment more than 200 Taiwan; needle machine, fabric combustion Performance tester, fabric moisture analyzer and other testing equipment 55 sets / sets.

Company's existing tourism tents, car hood, boat hood, pet supplies four production lines, with cutting, sewing, packaging, and other eight production workshop. The annual production capacity of 250 million yuan, the annual production capacity: a variety of tents 2.5 million / sets; car cover 1.6 million / sets; hood 2 million; pet supplies 2.4 million / sets.

The company has a complete set of product design, material supply, quality inspection, product production, internal management, sales channels of each other convergence of production and management system. At the same time the company set up the company office, technical department, production department, supply department, sales department, quality inspection department, finance department and so on, "one run six" complete production, supply and sales of three enterprise management mechanism and internal control norms. In recent years, the company has introduced a number of senior management personnel, at the same time, the introduction of the industry's advanced "5S management model" and "site management" mechanism for the company to implement scientific and effective, standardized and orderly management laid the foundation. Company employees more than 400 existing, of which 68 technical staff, quality inspection staff of 35, 51 other managers, skilled workers more than 210 people, more than 40 workers assisted.