How to choose children tents

The indoor children tents are becoming the new darling of children, and now the teepee tents are very popular.

How to choose this children tents? Lisa said that parents may wish to consider these issues when buying. For example, the tent curtain buckle design is safe and practical, the children inside the tent can easily close the curtain? In addition, the bottom of the tent wood is not directly enclosed in the tents inside? If it is closed, you can reduce the damage to the floor of the wood. If you sometimes need to put the tent outdoors, then the seal part of the parchet's leg is best to open. Of course, the wood is the best solid wood, some wood if the grinding is not smooth enough, protruding wood thorns may stab children. Tent fabric to meet the environmental protection, flame retardant standards, excessive printing ink will hurt the child's health.

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